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Dear Haikusue:

I am a successful, single 35 year old woman. I have always been independent and I have never felt that I should wait to 'meet the right guy' before I do things. Whether it's travel around the world, or buy a new car I have always been fine to do things on my own.  I've been saving money for the past few years, hoping to buy property so that I can finally have equity of my own. I know it's a cliche, but I am tired of 'wasting' money on rent,  I am tired of having to beg my landlord for permission to do little things like repaint or hang up holiday lights outside. I want a place of my own damn it.  At the same time nearly EVERY person I talk to tells me to wait. My family is certain that the minute I commit to a mortgage, I meet someone and will want to sell.  Or, they seem convinced that owning and managing a house all on my own is too much for "just a single woman". I am incensed at their suggestions, but also a little afraid. IS owning a house on your own too much for one person? Will it be a problem if I meet someone and we can't live in the house I already own? Should I just wait a few more years and save up more money? HELP!


Houseless in the Mission


Dear Houseless:

Start house hunting slow

Take time researching your wants

No harm in looking