Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Image courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Dear Haikusue:

Within the next month I have some major career-make-or-break projects coming up at work, and I feel absolutely paralyzed by the prospect of everything not working out perfectly. It's really important that I organize my time, and get everything done in a short period of time, but every morning I find myself sitting in front of the computer freaking out, not able to do anything but surf the web. How do I get a hold of myself, and get down to work? My friends all think I should start taking Xanax or some other pill, but I really don't want to drug myself. Is there anything else I can do to just calm the hell down, and focus on work?


Basketcase in the Outer Sunset


Dear Basketcase:

Take apart the tasks

Complete in small increments

See trees not forest