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Dear Haikusue:

My career is demanding and requires tons of long hours, and at times a lot of stress. A friend of mine works in the same field ( that's actually how we met) and in the past we've always leaned on each other during the high-stress times.  But lately, I've noticed that she been acting really hostile and negative. Whenever something positive happens for me she always has a rude comment  or a snarky 'joke' to make. At the same time she is constantly needing me to spend hours on the phone giving her advice on her love life,or giving pep talks about her job,(she is a total drama queen and gets in fights with everyone she works with) our just listening to her go on and on about all the things she accomplished that she sees as 'better' than whatever I am currently working on. To be honest, I don't really even like her anymore at all, and I wish I could just get her out of my life. If she were my boyfriend I would definitely dump her! But she's not my boyfriend, she's a friend, and I don't see anyway to end the friendship in a way that won't  cause a lot of drama.  I really need some advice, help!


Frenemy in San Francisco


Dear Frenemy:

Best friendship killer


Always be busy