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Dear Haikusue:

I feel like I am going to have a mental breakdown and really need your help. Between a high-maintenance family, stressful job, and friends who have been acting like frenemies I feel like I am ready to blow. Everyone has some kind of demand right now. Boss wants me to work extra hours for no extra pay, friends are calling every day wanting to spend hours telling me all of their problems (but never wanting to know about my life) and my mother is constantly harping about whether or not I am planning on coming home for Thanksgiving. I feel like I spend ever second of every day trying to appease someone, and I can't even get room to breathe, or take a minute for myself. How do I handle all of this without totally alienating everyone around me?


Ready to blow in Hayes Valley


Dear Ready:

At least once a day

Let calls go to your voice mail

Go for a long walk