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Dear Haikusue:

My roommate is a fun and responsible guy to live with, but  flatly refuses to do ANYTHING around our apartment as far as cleaning goes. He works as a day trader and always argues that his job is 'harder' and 'more demanding' than mine as an admin assistant so I should be able to 'cut him some slack' around our place.  We split the rent equally, and we never agreed to this arrangement so part of me wants to just let the mess build up until he does something about it.  At the same time I don't want to live in a gross apartment, so I always end up doing the cleaning. I am so annoyed by this that about ready to look for a new place, but the great neighborhood and our rent control has me trapped. What can I do to get him to clean up his own mess so we can live together happily?


Not his mother in the  Marina



Dear Non-Mom:

Insist he split cost

For weekly cleaning service

Merry maids are cheap