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Maria Ke Fisherman Spring 2015

New York: Backstage at Maria Ke Fisherman Spring 2015

Spanish based brand Maria Ke Fisherman has a reputation for the unexpected. With a strong following in the club/streetwear realm it's no surprise that so many of the brand's signature looks seem to harken back to days of The Limelight and endless house parties. 

Just hours before the Spring 2015 presentation was set to go off at the Standard Hotel in Chelsea, Style Wylde spoke to the men-behind-the-scenes who were bringing the looks all together, Nick Irwin Of TiGi Creatives and Gato Zamora who was acting as key artist for Maybelline New York.

Here's what they had to say about the Maria Ke Fisherman Spring 2015 concept, first up Nick Irwin, Global Creative Director, TiGi.

"The look is very street, it reminds me of a club look." Nick told the group of beauty bloggers who had the charismatic hair-guru completely surrounded back stage. "It's almost hard to explain, it's very young, but strong. The braids are totally clean and symmetrical, which we are able to do but spritzing the hands lightly with Catwalk by TiGi Work it Hairspray to give them grip, that way every thing stays perfectly in place." 

Now the step-by-step on how the looks were done:

Create a one inch section of hair at the center, starting at the hairline all the way to the nape (a sort of 'mohawk' section of hair. Secure the side sections away leaving center panel for braiding.

Braid center section of hair using a cornrow method from front to back and transitioning into a 3-Strand technique when reaching the nape.  Secure all at the very end with an elastic and fold braid up on to itself; secure with pins.

Divide each side into two sections, spraying front section from hairline to just above the ear with Catwalk by TiGi Sessions Series Workit Hairspray to create a lacquer effect and comb through to smooth flyaways and imperfections; fasten with a clear elastic into a ponytail in front of ear and then 3-Strand braid till ends; secure with an elastic.

Divide remaining hair on either side, into two horizontal sections create triangular segments of hair. Apply Catwalk by TiGi Session Series Workit Hairspray and cornrow each of the four segments, starting at the hairline and eventually continuing into a 3-strand braid when reaching the part. Once braids are complete, fold them onto themselves to create your own version of a braid design pending the length of your hair, secure with pins. Finish by spraying Catwalk by TiGi Camera Ready Shine Spray

Now on to Gato Zamora, key artist for Maybelline New York:

"It's a young look, with a very dark eye, but it's not a cat eye, it is a bold stripe on the eye, very straight and very defined."  Zamora said. "In order to get this type of a look at home, you can use Maybelline Studio Lasting Gel Eyeliner and draw a small dot with concealer or lip pencil on the outside where the line will stop to ensure it's symmetrical, and then use a guide, even something as simple as an edge of construction paper to guide your line perfectly in place." Zamora explained. "Then we are filling in the brows to make them look thick and unfussy, and using Maybelline Pump'd Up Colossal Volume Mascara, but only on the top to keep it young, and the lip Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in Perpetual Peony a fresh young blush pink."

Rounding out the look were incredible  black and white rubberized nails, done by Alicia Torello also of Maybelline.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde.

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