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CND Spring 2016 Blonds

New York: Backstage at The Blonds Spring 2016

Beauty pop quiz: What do Kabuki, golden scarabs, the Eye of Ra, sarcophagi, crystals, and wigs all have in common?  They are all key details in the out-of-this-world hair and beauty look at the  Blonds Spring 2016 show!

The beauty team, which was led by celebrity Make-up Artist Kabuki for MAC, created a glowing golden look that was highlighted by reflective 'stick-on' eye liner accents on every model, with some getting a full "Eye of Ra"  treatment. (see below) 

The hair was a feat of pure architectural wonder, created by Kien Hoang Key stylist for Oribe. It required multi-phase construction that included the creation of a foam 'foundation', attachment of wigs and setting period where hair was flattened out into an egyptian-esque shape using duckbill clips and cardboard. On one of the models, the look was further elevated (much to her delight, see photo below) with a head wrap that was encrusted with golden scarabs and crystals.

So what about the sarcophagi? They were on the NAILS created by the pro team from CND. Going into a show for The Blonds you always know the nails will be literal works of art created by the CND team, as Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold said backstage "The long standing partnership between CND and The Blonds continues to inspire creativity season after season." And these nails were indeed inspirational. All individually hand sculpted the looks included tiny sarcophagi that actually opened, jewel encrusted scarabs and countless spiky golden tips. They were so amazing, I couldn't help wonder if CND has a museum somewhere where all of these mini-works of art (and in fact all the works they've done over the years for The Blonds) are on display. If not, they should!

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For a look at the collection in full, check out our feature in Runway.