The  always inventive hair team from Cutler salon and the elite pro team from M.A.C. (which included celebrity makeup artists Chantal Miller and Gordon Espinet plus many up and coming star artists) worked out what has to be one of the most fun looks for any runway show ever backstage at the Desigual Spring 2017 collection which showed on Thursday. The majority of the models had a "no makeup makeup look" that was designed to let them "really be who they are" while a select few got "Snapchat filter inspired" ( a fawn, a puppy, a zebra and a bee)  looks that were nothing short of outright adorable. 

Hair was not left simple either. Depending on the looks each model wore hair loose and curly, or blown out and smooth sometimes with extravagantly long extensions added and sometimes their own length. And finally topping off a handful of hair looks were flower wreaths or delicate paper butterflies and birds that coordinated with the exquisite bead detailing on the looks.  

Sounds like a huge undertaking right? It was, and it was stunningly impressive to see these teams work quickly and efficiently to bring it all together for the show. Below are a few of our favorite shots from the scene; click on any image to launch lightbox mode for best viewing.

All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde