Natural light and space, as seen in the work of famed mid-century architect Louis Kahn, served as the major inspiration for the Nonoo Fall 2014 collection. In order to create the perfect hair and beauty look to match this light-filled collection, designer Misha Nonoo tapped the pros at TIGI Creatives, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and Morgan Taylor nails. 

Here's what they did, starting with the hair:

Playing on the theme of the contrast between architecture and light; man made and nature, TIGI Creative Director Nick Irwin collaborated with Misha Nonoo to create a concept of hair that embodied the New York girl who "is precise in her work, but undone in life."

This was done by first creating a haphazard side part and working TIGI Session Series Styling Cream through the ends of hair. Next, Irwin and his team used their hands to rough up the hair while also lightly brushing through with a flat brush. Next, they gathered hair up at the nape of the neck and, using an elastic, loosely pulled hair halfway up into a "tucked up loop."

Once the shape was set the team used duck bill clips to set the hair around the hair line creating loose bends and separation, and then added a small elastic at the end of the pony to set a narrow shape. 

Hair was then left to 'set'. Once it was set, Irwin removed clips and elastic at the end of the pony and gently pulled at sections of the hair around the hairline and lightly teased with fingers to create volume at the crown. Finally Irwin set the whole thing with Catwalk by TIGI Session Series Work It Hairspray.

While the TIGI team was hard at work, the beauty team led by Mega-Mogul and International Make-up Guru, Bobbi Brown (yes, herself!) was also in major-push mode.

Using a palette of softly sparkling browns and soft blacks on the eyes, accentuated with rose-peach checks, and a rose-coral lip the team created a soft and pretty look that works on every skin tone.  

With both the hair and beauty looks falling into the realm of the soft, natural, done, but also very 'undone', the nail look for the show needed to bring a little edge. Edge, that was created by the team from Morgan Taylor via sharp, crimson- striped nail tips applied over the model's own nails.

The overall effect, fresh, youthful and cool with just the right amount of urban edge and laissez-faire attitude.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde.  

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