Beloved for her bohemian chic point of view, Mara Hoffman added an element of hyper luxury this season, which was embellished via models who looked as though they themselves has been dipped in gold. From metallic touches on the tips of braids, to glittering nails, the hair and beauty for the show was nothing short of opulent.

Here's what they did, starting with the hair. Lead by Global Creative Director Nick Irwin, the team from TIGI Creatives, whom were tasked with coming up with the perfect global nomad meets hyper luxury look, created loose gold tipped braids that glittered under the runway lights. To do this they first began with clean dry hair and made a deep side part on the left side of the head. Next, they added extensions to hair if needed to achieve the length and volume of hair required for the braid and worked CATWALK by TIGI Strong Hold Mousse throughout the hair.  After that they french braided the hair to the nape of the next and dried with a diffused blower set on low heat. Once hair was set, they took out the braid and gently worked CATWALK by TIGI Sessions Series True Wax throughout the hair to create three softly-waved sections of hair. Finally, they re-braided only the last few inches of hair and sprayed with CATWALK by TIGI Session Series Finishing Spray, before finishing with gold-tinted spray.

Next up, the beauty. Keeping with the golden-hued vibe of the show, the pros at Maybelline used a bronze-rose hue on cheeks, lips, and eyelids with a dark and dramatic eye. Skin was given additional glow via Maybelline Master Glaze on the cheeks and Baby Lips balm on the eyelids (yes, eyelids!)

Finally, the nails were given the midas touch too, with a hue so closely matched to TIGI's tips it looked to be nearly the same product. However star-manicurists from Maybelline told Style Wylde backstage that it was actually Maybelline Bold Gold, an eye popping polish that dried to a near-matte finish. 

All Images: C. Hope for Style Wylde.

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