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New York: Parkchoonmoo Fall 2015

Ask any in-the-know-Korean fashionista,  "Who are the most influential, and most exciting  designers and brands to emerge from the Korean market in the last 20 years" and they will undoubtedly include Demi Choonmoo Park and her label Parkchoonmoo on their list.  A fixture on the New York Fashion week scene since 2010, the designer has plenty of fans on this side of the Pacific as well. And it's easy to see why, always inventive, a master of construction with a serious flair for drama, Park never fails to turn out a winning collection.

For Fall 2015 the feeling was "Unbound", free-flowing movement and deconstructed silhouettes, punctuated with luxurious touches, in a neutral palette of soft black, cream, and gray.  It was gorgeous without being flashy, and understated without being dull. To put it simply, it was everything fans expect from Parkchoonmoo and more.

Here are our favorite shots from the collection.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde

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