Inspired by the "mysterious universe of the forest and its creatures," the Katty Xiomara Fall 2017 collection was a lovely, lyrical journey through a palette of ever deepening hues and retro infused silhouettes. According to the official show notes, the gradient colors were heavy in symbolism as "the colours parade in increasing brightness... (from) black and blue of cold night to pearly moon and star light." The overall effect of this was very successful, as it gently drew the viewer in and held them in rapt attention as model after model came down the runway clad in Xiomara's trademark whimsical point of view.

As with the Spring 2017 collection, there were so many subtle, yet delightful, details on the individual looks ranging from polka dots to embroidery to an array of unexpectedly-placed peplums, it is easy to imagine the collection becoming highly sought-after by the both the retro enthusiasts, and the twee fashion fans all over the globe.  

Click on any image to launch light box mode for best viewing, and to see the pieces from the Katty Xiomara collection that will be hitting stores now, check out our Spring 2017 feature in Runway.

All images: Dan Lecca Photography