Childlike wonder?

For Spring 2018, Malaysian designer Moto Guo posed the question, is the fashion world ready for Kindergarten-chic as a trend?

Had it been done by a more established avant-garde label such as Thom Browne, or Comme des Garcons, the Moto Guo Spring 2018 show "To Kinder" would undoubtedly be celebrated as controversial but revolutionary, and definitely on every critic's 'favorite' list. But for a still-fledgling label, that has only been around for 3 years, and not yet an internationally recognizable name, the overtly insane collection that had everything from men's onesies (mensies?) to giant stick-on tongues as accessories, was a risky move, that could easily be dismissed as a goofball gimmick. Which, if it happens, will be a shame because there were a lot of great ideas within the over-the-top looks. 

Realistically speaking, the women's pieces had more potential for large-market success than the men's as they incorporated a lot of great patterns and well thought out cuts, without straying into the "OMG YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING"  territory.  But that doesn't mean that the men's looks will fall entirely flat. Certainly the attention-hungry fashionHEstas, (especially outside the NYFW shows) may flock to Moto Guo as the new 'sure to get me street-styled'  brand. And if they do, Moto Guo will be on his way to become one of those more established avant-garde labels.  

Runway images below, click on any to launch lightbox mode for best viewing. 

All images: Style Wylde Photography.