Most of the  audience was led by hand to the seating area which was deep inside the 'bowl' of the indoor skatepark known as Wonderland in Copenhagen's "freetown" Christiania. This was necessary because without the help of hands to steady and guide, moving around in the nearly pitch-black darkness, down sloping sides, things could be treacherous for any fashion crowd.

But this wasn't any normal fashion crowd, this crowd braved the distance, took the location in stride, and embraced the adventure (some even using rope ladders and swings to access seating) all to catch a glimpse of the HÆRVÆRK Spring 2017 runway presentation. And in truth it was a mere glimpse that they were given. Models entered the darkened room through a door in the ceiling, strolled to edge of the bowl, and perched precariously on the lip; sometimes facing the audience, sometimes turned away from the audience completely. 

A difficult viewing situation for sure, but somehow also a perfect one for the bright, bold rebellious skate-culture inspired collection, that was packed with youthful energy and excitement. Pieces were relaxed in silhouette, but not overtly voluminous, which gave the collection a feeling of edgy toughness. Denim, and shiny coated cottons gave structure to the looks while soft cotton tees and fleece brought a laid back comfiness. Altogether it was a well thought-out and tightly edited collection, that is sure to be hit with skaters boys and girls in Denmark, and around the world.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde.