Designer Keiichiro Yuri's Fall 2016, Keiichirosense collection was definitely one of a kind. The looks were outlandish, the styling was ultra theatrical, and the designer expressed his feelings for the media with a literal "F-You" to photographers during his victory lap at the show's close. But take away all the craziness, and one fact remains; the accessories designer-turned runway guy had a lot success with his concept of creating clothes that double as bags with real useable functionality. 

That doesn't mean that the looks were wholly wearable, or imaginable on the backs of even the most daring fashion fans. In fact after seeing the show, giving the photos a rest for a week, and then revisiting the looks on our hi-res monitors, it seems clear that a few may have actually been a coy act on the part of Keiichiro to submit his application to work with Hollywood's blockbuster directors, as they had an intense Star Wars/Star Trek vibe. 

But, they were original and when dissected into individual pieces, downright cool.  A streamline yellow jumpsuit, a white zippered coat, and cropped wide leg jeans all felt very original while harnesses that did double duty as backpacks and vests, clutch bags that banded around arms and folded into sleeves,  and (of course given Keiichiro's background) lots and lots of elaborate necklaces were some of the best details we've seen during the Fall 2016 season.

As for that "F-You" at the end of the show; call it rock n' roll attitude, or maybe a reaction to the overshadowing of the Tokyo collections that took place at Hikarie Hall that day due to the mere rumor that Gwen Stefani might be onsite, whatever it was it was totally original too. 

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde