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Flaky friend haiku

Flaky pastry good, flaky friends not so much/ I stock photoDear Haikusue:

I am having trouble with one of my closest friends and have no idea what to do. I hope you can help. We've known each other since high school and he has always been a fun, funny, great to be around guy.  The trouble is he is totally unreliable. If he says he will do something for me, he pretty much never comes through and even when I am trying to help him with something, like finding a new job ( he's unemployed) or moving apartments he always misses interviews, appointments, even planned phone calls  he just goes MIA. After years of this behavior I am fed up, and ready to write him off forever, but part of me feels bad doing it. He IS a nice, funny guy and I know he doesn't mean to be a bad friend, he is just flaky. What do I do?


Former Best Friend


Dear Former:

My thoughts on "flaky"

Disrespectful and selfish

Time to cut the cord