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Mutual support haiku

Power Girls need true friends/Image courtesy of MTV


Dear Haikusue:

After college my best friend and I both landed jobs in the PR industry. As we are both very early in our careers, we always promised to 'be there' for each other career wise, and always attend each others events, support campaigns etc.  I feel I have always done my part, even when I was tired, or it conflicted with plans but she has not done the same for me.  Whenever one of my events comes up, she always has a long list of excuses as to why she can't come through, and when she does something for me, it's always half-assed  making me feel like she doesn't want to help but is just making a lame attempt so I will still support her projects. How do I put an end to this one sided situation and get her to hold up her end of the deal?


Frustrated in the Filmore



Dear Frustrated:

Solely your actions

Are within your control now

Stop supporting her