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Anna Sui Fall 2014


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Hate read haiku

istock photo

Dear Haikusue:

I graduated from college in creative writing this past Spring and have been struggling between freelance gigs, a part time boring office job, and trying to get advertising on my beauty blog ever since. It's been scary at times, but I am *barely* scrapping buy. I know I am lucky to be doing what I want for a living in this economy, BUT I still find myself overwhelmed with jealousy over the luck a girl I went to school  with's current situation.  We both applied for a blogging job on a pretty major online retailer site (think twee dresses at great prices). She got the job and is now not only making bank, but is getting a pretty big following. I know this because I can't help myself but to read her posts everyday, all the while noting how lame they are, and how she is getting paid and I am not.  I know this is unhealthy but it's just so tempting I can't log off. Help!


Green-eyed in Greenbrae


Dear Green Eyed:

Toxic hate reading

Cold turkey, block the site now

Stop the excuses