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Anna Sui Fall 2014


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Career day haiku

photo by C. AndersonDear Haikusue:

Everyone in my family graduated from high school, went on to college, went to Graduate school and then settled in to a well paid white collar career, and I am expected to do the same.  But as I start my senior year in college I know there is no way I will ever be happy being stuck behind a desk and working 80 hours a week on a computer.  I want adventure, and I have the chance to spend a year sailing around the world as a deck hand on a racing yacht, which I want to do more than anything else.  But my family does not approve.  Every time I bring the idea up I am subjected to lectures about how bad the economy is, and how if I don't "buckle down" I will be homeless living under a freeway within 5 years.  How do I get them off my back?


Sailing Away in Salinas


Dear Sailing:

Charting your own course

some compassion required

forgive, then sail on