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Anna Sui Fall 2014


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career haiku

stock photoDear Haikusue:

I work in a very competitive field with very few women in it, and the ones that are in it are all super cut throat types that I can not get a long with.  Out of grad school for one year, and my main goals are to work hard, do my best and slowly start building my career, but it seems every other woman around me is desperately clawing her way up, and unafraid to back stab, steal clients, and generally kick everyone around her out of the way. My friends tell me I am being naive, and unambitious by not wanting to behave the same way, but it just isn't who I am.  Am I doomed for middle management forever like my friends say or is my way-the right way?


Discouraged in District 2

Dear Discouraged:

Keep your perspective

talent and skill will rise up

Tortoise, take your prize