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New York: Backstage at Degen Spring 2016

Inspired by the 1980s era toy/animation icons 'My Little Pony' the hair and beauty look for the Degen Spring 2016 collection, was utterly adorable. Multi-colored braids created by Joseph DiMaggio of Davines, topped off the perfectly rainbow hued make-up done by Jane Cosmetics

DiMaggio explained the  braiding process as Lindsay created this collection with the idea of friendship in mind, which inspired her to collaborate with Hasbro and My Little Pony. We wanted to take this really fun, youthful idea one step further by creating these big, box braided buns, infused with brightly colored wefts to accent the clothes. The box braid is a classic technique young girls have been using to create friendship bracelets for years, so I felt this ode to childhood beautifully paired with the creative designs.

Click on any image below to launch light box mode for best viewing, and be sure to check out the full show feature in runway, for the final dazzling look. 

All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde