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New York: Backstage at Son Jung Wan Fall 2015

It's always amazing to get a peek backstage at fashion week when the teams from Shiseido Japan and Privè Salon are on hand. Both teams have an uncanny ability to stay calm and focused on the task at hand even in the most hectic of environments.

And the scene at  Son Jung Wan Fall 2015 was definitely hectic. TV crews and beauty bloggers were clamoring for a minute with the designer, celebrities were  popping in and out, and models were racing in late for their first-of-the-morning call (with some so exhausted from the week they were literally sleeping it off under the snack table.) It was frankly, insane. But you'd never know it was not just another day in a peaceful  studio with these pros. Amidst the chaos the Privè team carefully constructed sleek, deconstructed chignons on female models, and artfully tousled hair for males, while the Shiseido team methodically created a clean skin look that sparkled subtly via a single silver line on lids. It was a look that was utterly serene, and gorgeous, and amazingly produced in one of fashion week's most chaotic backstages!

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All images: C. Hope for Style Wylde