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Fall 2015 beauty

New York: Backstage at Parkchoonmoo Fall 2015

Avant-garde Korean designer Demi Choonmoo Park, of Parkchoonmoo tapped teams from Bobbi Brown and Oribe to create a dramatic hair and beauty look to pair with her stunning Fall 2015 collection. I got the chance to go backstage with the teams and check out what they were doing. 

The team from Bobbi Brown, led by key artist Tia Hebron created a pale, delicate almost 'iced over' beauty look with a tightly lined eye in deep black. Lips were muted with foundation that matched the model's skin and eyebrows were "roughed up."

Over on the Oribe side of the room, hair was braided and twisted up into a low, loose, and heavily textured pony that would be tucked into neckline of the looks for the runway. The effect was almost a faux-bob, with tons of wind-swept elements.

These two dramatic elements were then paired with a nearly-nude nail that has just a hint of shine via a clear top coat.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde

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