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David Tlale Spring 2015

New York: Backstage at David Tlale Spring 2015

"Giving women back their power and equipping them with a strong confident sense of allure.." was the inspiration for South African designer David Tlale's Spring 2015 collection. To accent his ornate pieces Tlale tapped the gurus at Motions Salon Hair, and celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen to create a hair look that was both "Authentic and Chic."

What the teams came up with was a "textured faux bob" that was both perfect on the runway, and perfectly amazing to see come together step by step.

All images: C.Hope for Style Wylde

Here's what they did:

Starting with dry hair a defined center part was made, and braided along the hair line using a "cornrow" technique. Motions Shine Enhancing Pomade was used on fingers while braiding hair for better grip, and to smooth any flyaways. Next, the top portion of hair was sectioned into a horseshoe shape and secured with clips. Using a medium sized barrel, the bottom portion of hair was curled using Motions Light Hold Working Spritz to set the curls. Once all the hair was curled  the bottom section was gently brushed out and teased. Next using a flat brush, hair was gently smoothed and divided into two sections. Each section was then carefully rolled under and pined into the shape of a "faux bob." Next pins were removed from the horseshoe section of the hair, and a crimping iron was used to create texture. Once crimps were set, hair was gently brushed out and carefully laid over the faux bob section. Finally the entire look was set with Motions Light Working Spritz.

While all of that was going on, over on the MAC side of the room models were getting a flush of color on cheeks paired with a powerful ruby lip and red nails that struck a balance between natural and ultra glam. 

all images: C.Hope for Style Wylde