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Betsey Johnson

New York: Backstage at Betsey Johnson Spring 2014

Wild hair and wild make-up! Would you expect anything else from fashion's unsinkable (and OG) punk rock girl, Betsey Johnson? We know we wouldn't! And that's exactly why we love Betsey so.

So how did they create this wild look? Simple, they tapped the pros and let their imaginations run wild

What was done starting with makeup

Sarah Lucero of Stila Cosmetics created the metallic-driven look with "futuristic fembot" as the inspiration. To create the dazzling eyes Lucero used a blend of Stila Silver and Platinum shadows followed by a heavy layer of Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye shadow in Metallic Lavender. For added glam, Lucero then de-curled false lashes for a stick-straight 'doll' look and applied them to models eyes followed by several coats of Stila MAJOR Major Lash Mascara.  Lips where then slicked with glittering layers of Opal and Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Triggerfish, for the ultimate fembot flair. To compliment, but not overwhelm the bold eye and lip, skin was kept clean and dewy using Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer and a light smudge of  Convertible Color Blush in Sweet Pea

On to the hair! (AKA There Will Be Wigs)

Using Redken products, celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler bobbed and back combed the pink wigs to intensive volume and add tons of Editorial-worthy quirk. 

Finally, those blinged-out Nails!

Using Morgan Taylor nail color, Lead Manicurist Danielle Cadido created a multi tonal shade via a blend of You Could Have Foiled Me, covered in a layer of Adorned in Diamonds and finally The Sweetest Thing added just to the very tip of the nail. 

The result: Fun, punk and totally Betsey!

all images: Beautypress