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Backstage Miguel Vieira

New York: Backstage at Miguel Vieira Spring 2017

Inspired by the animals, geography, and beautiful sun drenched light in Africa, designer Miguel Vieira created a boldly graphic Spring 2017 collection. So bold, that he needed a lovely, light-filled but still understated beauty and hair look to compliment his pieces. For women that meant softly waved hair with a peachy eye that had just a hint of glow at corners (courtesy of a metallic liner.) For men that meant 'perfected skin' (hey, it was late in the week, even models get a little ragged after multiple days of shows and running around Manhattan) and softly natural hair.  All of this was done by Charlie Price and Beauty Underground using Big Sexy Hair products for hair, and by Romero Jennings and the team from MAC on beauty.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. To see the final look as it came down the catwalk at the Miguel Vieira Spring 2017 show, check out our full photo feature in Runway