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Atsushi Nakashima AW2014

Tokyo: Backstage at Atsushi Nakashima Fall 2014

The professional teams from L'Oreal and Maybelline came together to create an out of this world look for the Atsushi Nakashima Fall 2014 runway show.  In an unusual twist, L'Oreal foundation color was airbrushed on to model's super sleek, 'wet look' hair, which was created using an array of L'Oreal products including Mythic OilL'Oreal London Addixion Sprax Delight on the women, L'Oreal Professional Pour Homme WaxClay, Poker Paste on the men, and of course the go-to product at every runway show around the globe, Elnett Hair Spray on all the models. After the front was smoothed back, women's hair was wrapped into a perfect ponytail, while the men got a sleek brushed-back look that was smoothed over with duckbill clips and tissue paper until the very last moment. 

Over on the make-up side the team, led by international artist Mizu, was doing a bit of airbrushing of their own, using stencils to create a geometric pattern that echoed those in the collection.

he end result: A startling beauty look that perfectly accentuated the collection.

All images: C. Hope for Style Wylde.

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