There was more than a little 'buzz' surrounding the Tokyo Fashion Week debut of avant-garde label Roggykei. Often sighted as one of the best young, high concept, labels coming out of the Japanese fashion industry, the design team and their work is beloved by underground street style stars, and international Pop Stars alike (Lady Gaga of course!) 

So when Style Wylde was offered the chance to go backstage before the Roggykei Fall 2017 show to get a peek at the hair and beauty being created for the runway, we naturally jumped at the chance.

And of course, the work being done by the Shiseido Japan Professional team on beauty and the Van De Velde team on hair did not disappoint. Hair for men was slicked back and topped with a round sculpted piece that was either jet black or bright blue, and women had elaborate ponytails wrapped around jagged sculptural elements that resembled either flint arrow heads or ice-daggers depending on the model. The beauty look was the same for everyone, smooth clean skin with eyebrows completely hidden underneath a complex layer of what looked like a cosmetic adhesive, then Shiseido concealer, then Shiseido foundation and finally a light dusting of Shiseido powder.

The final look was nothing short of arresting, and very very cool.

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde. For more from the Roggykei Fall 2017 show, check out our full feature in Runway.