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Shop scene: Harajuku pop-up unveiled at New People

a fan holds up the artwork created for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu/Image:C.Hope for Style WyldeThey came in droves, some as early as the night before, to camp out for the coveted 'first in line' spot as Japan Town's New People Building unveiled the brand new Harajuku Fashion Pop-Up Boutique featuring Japanese mega-brands 6% DOKI DOKIMILK, MILK BOY, SPINS, INNOCENT WORLD, GLAD NEWS, ON THE COUCH, Candies, Hell Cat Punks, Omocha-Party, and NADIA.

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde

a shopper poses while waiting in line for the New People pop up to open/Image:C.Hope for Style Wylde 

And what did they find when doors finally opened? It was a technicolor dreamscape of eye-popping prints, exaggerated silhouettes and tons of sparkle; the best in Harajuku style.

a shopper poses in line /Image: C.hope for Style Wylde 

Shoppers pose in line/Image:C.Hope for Style Wylde

Also on hand, and definitely adding to the excitement around the opening were JPOP Super star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, 6% Doki Doki Designer Sebastian Masuda, and models Yura, Eva, Ayumi Seto and Saki Sato (all of who walked in the Harajuku Fashion show immediately after the opening.)

Models(L-R) Ayumi Seto Yura, and Yuka wait to greet shoppers/Image:S. Whittle for Style Wylde






Check out the slideshow below for more images of the Harajuku boutique inside the New People building.