Like heroines of a Grunge-era fairytale, the lavish-loc'd models of the Murral Fall 2017 show glided down the runway in a parade of mixed florals, faux furs, pinstripes, and flannel plaids. Lit only in opposing sides of dark amber and lavender light, the runway itself added to the overall dreamy effect of the show, as the models seemed to emerge from the darkness, and then recede back into it after taking their turn in the spotlight during which the elaborate embroidery, and complicated construction, and charming details of the looks were unveiled, if only briefly. The overall effect was astounding, and showed that Murral designers Yusuke Muramatsu and Ayumi Sekiguchi are in that rare category of artist who have a huge talent for fashion design and a huge talent for fashion theater. 

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All images: Cynthia Anderson for Style Wylde.