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This just in, No "Issue" for SF?

Here at Style Wylde we have been on the phones and on e-mail for the last 24 hours trying to get to the bottom of the non-San Francisco release of the guaranteed to be iconic ( and super-anticipated) fashion documentary The September Issue. National wide release, which begins rolling out this Friday, has not yet been slated for the city by the bay. At press time calls to the Studio publicity office had not yet been returned, however Steve Indig, regional publicist for Landmark Theaters, whom will release the film in LA, San Diego, Seattle and Detroit told Style Wylde:

"Decisions on what films play where are complex...thank goodness I'm not
invovled with them! We do open the film in East Bay...

Is this yet another fashion industry snub for the city called "sloppy" by it's own local paper's style section? Is our status as the town-without a fashion week leading promoters to consider SF a non-market for the film?  More updates soon in  Fashion

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Reader Comments (1)

They chose SAN DIEGO over SF? WTF?! SF may not be New York or LA when it comes to fashion, but come on, SAN DIEGO???

August 27, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBay Area Wyldie

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