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Radio Wylde: The Hysterical Injury

It used to be that unsigned bands had to perform constant small-club gigs in order to cultivate a following and get that elusive record deal. Nowadays, between Myspace, Twitter, and YouTube, 'getting heard' by a large audience is a lot easier for unsigned bands.

So easy in fact that pretty much everyone from the singing dog to Ukrainian polka bands covering Katy Perry are online, making finding artists that offer something new and different (that you might actually want to listen to) difficult.

So here at Stylewylde we've decided to give you a helping hand in sorting through the web-music madness by sharing some of our discoveries in a regular feature called Radio Wylde.

First up on Radio Wylde, the Bath based duo, The Hysterical Injury.

I discovered The Hysterical Injury last week after listening to a podcast by Tom Robinson. Comprised of Annie Gardiner on vocals/bass and Lee Stone on drums, this English duo have been together since early 2007. Their sound is one of heavy guitars combined with fun but often raucous vocals that fit together nicely and result in a good blast of pop-punk.

Adam West opens with a heavy guitar riff which at first seems at odds with Annie's vocals but the vocals hold their own and turn it into a surprisingly catchy number. 24 Hour Glass offers more balance between the vocals and guitars without losing any of the energy that they exude on all of their tracks. For a young band their sound is surprisingly polished and, of the material currently available, both of these tracks have already found their way into my music library.

To follow the bands exploits and to listen to their music check them out on their Myspace page. Or,  to support the band you can also download tracks at 7digital and follow them on Twitter.


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