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Local love: Japanese designer Gashicon coming to SF 


Japanese fashion fans get ready for a series of major events in San Francisco kicking off this month and culminating with the 2012 J POP festival in August. 


First up on July 30th, we have Gashicon, the enigmatic designer behind the ultra-popular label Hangry & Angry will be on hand at  the New People h. Naoto store to unveil her newest collection. Popularized in partnership with the  JPOP duo of the same name, Hangry & Angry features graphic-intensive tees, skirts, dresses and accessories in a primarily black and white palette with occasional pops of color.


Fun, young, and with a definite punk-goth bent, the Hangry & Angry line has seen a rapidly expanding fan base throughout Asia and the United States in recent years. For more information on the label, including images from past season collection visit the official Hangry and Angry web home, and check out the video for Hangry and Angry's Kill Me Kiss Me below.