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Icon of an era past: Remembering Playland

For decades San Francisco's smallest citizens flocked down to Playland at the Beach to ride the rides, play the games, see laffing Sal, and sample the original San Francisco treat It's Its .

Unfortunately in 1972 all the fun, and nostalgia came to end as the amusement park was dismembered and attractions sent to locales all over California, leaving Playland to be forgotten.

Starting March 16th, the fun and the sun are back with via the Documentary Remembering Playland, at the balboa theater in San Francisco's Richmond district.  

Sarah B over at The Richmond District blog, had this to say about the film:

 "The 62 minute film documents all the great landmarks of Playland like Laffing Sal, the Fun House, the Carousel, the Big Dipper, the Diving Bell, Dark Mystery, Limbo, and Fun-tier Town. Plus hear stories from people that worked and played there. This is the first and only documentary ever made about this San Francisco landmark"

See this piece of SF history while you can! Get tickets here.


**It's Its, the wildly popular chocolate covered oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwich were invented in the 1920s by Playland owner George Whitney, and originally sole only on the premises. It'sIts can now be found in grocery stores, mini marts and at the occasional wedding ceremony all over California.