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Close encounter of the Chat Roulette kind

Remember when MySpace, Facebook, and even twitter seemed exciting?   Do you remember when media outlets, and reporters were constantly discussing how perverts and predators were omnipresent online and we all needed to be frightened and vigilant???

That is all over now. We have entered the era of Chat Roulette, the newest "it" website that is causing a stir and causing some reporters to  to call it "the future of the internet."

So What exactly is Chat Roulette, well if you haven't yet heard, it is a website that allows you to video chat with complete strangers all over the world instantly. Don't see the appeal?  This video sums Chat Roulette up nicely.

chat roulette from Casey Neistat on Vimeo.

After watching Casey Neistat's video we were intrigued.  A no holds barred website that puts you face to blurry webcam face with randoms all over the world?  Is that scary?  Will we be traumatized by pervs?  Will everyone next-us?  We had to try it for ourselves.

 It went like this:

We go to and hit "play"  Our camera is instantly on, and there is a 20 something looking guy on our screen he types "Hi Girls,  where you at?"

He can see us , just like that, no warning???   

We log off, look at each other and start laughing. We log back in.

A clown doll appears on our screen with a little sign propped up against it that reads "NO MORE PENIS".  Fair enough we think,  and hit "next".

A  slavic-looking teenager appears on our screen he squints at the screen and types "SHOW BOOBS!", we hit next.

A young asian woman appears,  she types "Wanna see boobs?" We hit next.

Four dark haired boys appear. They are laughing, possibly at us. We laugh back and wave. They wave,  laugh for a few more seconds before holding up a sign that says "BOOOOOOBS!"  We hit next, after typing "you wish".

Our experiment lasted a few more minutes with mostly the same results,  causing us to surmise that if Chat Roulette is truly the future of the internet,  than the future internet is a place for boobs, those who have them, and those who desperately want to see them. 

Editor's note: We do not endorse  Chat Roulette , however if you must experiment for yourself visit the official site.

Editor's note2: Judging by those dm tweeting us after posting this story, our experiment was EXTREMELY TAME compared to the norm on Chat Roulette, so be warned.