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Celebrating sucky cinema: The Darkroom

image: courtesy of The Dark RoomAll over the world, film clubs are popping up that celebrate the best of indie, main stream and even fashion films, but what about all the other movies that get made each year, you know the ones that didn't get noticed by The Hollywood Foreign Press or The Academy, because, well they were terrible? Who among us will celebrate sucky cinema?

Those quirky souls at  The Dark Room will.  Every sunday night you can gather with like-minded film affciados for BAD MOVIE NIGHT.  Like a live-action Mystery Science Theater ,  Mad Movie Night brings all the laughs with none of the pretentious symbolism or deeply felt emotions.  This sunday, it's a post-apocalyptic fiesta with the beloved Patrick Swayzee in Steel Dawn.

As described by Bad Movie Night promoters: "Steel Dawn is one of many post-Mad Max apocalypse films. 
 Actually, they're technically the post-Road Warrior films, since that film (called Mad Max 2internationally) spawned the imitators, not the original. Kinda like how Dawn of the Deadlaunched the zombie movie genre, not Night of the Living Dead. (The More You Know!) Sadly, there's no -ploitation word for this genre. Which is weird, because the choice is obvious: Maxploitiation! Equally obvious is the appeal of this genre, at least to the filmmakers: it's dirt cheap. All you need for a location is a desert or other brown terrain, and the costuming doesn't have to be fancy, nor is there really any need for special effects. Just guys in makeshift armor and funky haircuts fighting each other. And cars, of course—the more pointlessly tricked out, the better. "

The Dark Room is located at 2263 Mission Street in SF, 415-401-7987 for more information.