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Anna Sui Fall 2014


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Burned out haiku

a deserted beach Kauai, HI/ Image: Style Wylde/S. WhittleDear Haikusue:

I have worked as a department store buyer for the last five years.  It's a very high profile job, with a lot of pressure but a lot of perks too ( free wardrobe!).  I have always loved the thrill of making deals, and meeting new people, but lately it has started to loose it's fun.  Instead of being excited about fashion , I find myself dreading all the difficult people I have to deal with, and all the BS corporate procedures I have to endure.  How do I figure out if I am just in a funk, or if this is a sign that I need to find a career asap?


Exfashionista in the Marina


Dear Exfashionista:

Don't throw towel yet

Request time for vacation

Rest makes things clearer