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Anna Sui Fall 2014


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'Tis the season haiku

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Dear Haikusue:

BAH HUMBUG! It's only November and I am already so tired of hearing "Happy Holidays" everywhere I go. I am currently living in a new town, where I don't really know anyone and am thousands of miles from old friends and extended family. I am not be able to travel anywhere until at least early Spring ( haven't earned vacay at my new job yet) and have no plans to do anything social for any of the upcoming holidays. I would be ok with that, if I wasn't CONSTANTLY reminded of my solo status by chipper sales people and overly sugared-up coworkers rambling about their shopping lists,  cooking projects and get togethers! What can I plan for a solo Christmas that won't send me sinking into a deep depression over my loner status? (and eating a pound of candy canes while I'm at it)


Singleton in Seattle




Dear Singleton:

Christmas home spa day

mud mask, manicure, champagne

Chose an indulgence