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Negative charge haiku

istockDear Haikusue:

When I first started at my office one of my colleagues sort of 'latched on' to me, at first I was happy to have a work friend but now I wish I could lose her. Every single day all she does is complain about how 'unfair' everything is around our office, how so many people 'don't deserve' the accolades they are getting, and how she is so much more qualified than everyone in her department. I'm not saying that I don't occasionally like to rant myself, but the constant negativity is seriously bringing me down, and I feel like I can't get energized for the projects I am working on with her daily downer tirades.  How do I lose this negative Nancy without creating major office drama?


Positive thinking in Palo Alto


Dear Positive:

Not an easy task

To break the ionic bond

Refuse all lunch dates


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