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Mutual respect haiku

Salary bait and switch? Not a good sign, even Barista's make more than our reader/ Istock photoDear Haikusue:

For months now, I've been trying to get my 'foot in the door' in the advertising industry. After several internships in college, and nearly 5 months applying for positions I finally have an entry level job offer. The problem is when they first offered me the job, the offered me a very low, but manageable salary which would just barely cover my rent and expenses, but yesterday,  three days after starting I was called into HR to 'finalize paperwork" and was informed that the actual salary they want to pay me is $12 an hour!  I'm outraged at this bait and switch which has been blamed on the company president's bouts with senility and how he 'mis spoke'! BUT, at the same time this is the first offer in the industry I want to work in that I've had since graduation, so I part of me feels like if I don't stick with it, I will never have another chance.  What should I do? Stick with it and degrade myself, or storm out and keep looking for a better opportunity


Downtrodden downtown


Dear Downtrodden:

Signs of things to come

Dead-end career misery

Don't sell yourself short



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