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Tokyo scene: Street Style

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde


In the most densely populated city on earth, fashion is more than the width of your jeans, or the height of your heel. In Tokyo personal style is a vast and varied art form where pretty much anything goes. But even with all the variations we've seen throughout the week, there were some basic trends for both men and women that seemed to crop up everywhere.

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image:C.Hope for Style Wylde




First, for the women.

Ballet chic ruled the day with micro-mini skirts in light and fluffy fabrics such as tulle and lace paired with over the knee socks, tights and often leg warmers spotted in every neighborhood from Harujuku to Ginza and beyond. Tweens seemed to favor more opaque looks on the legs while the 20 something it-girls braved the 40 degree temps with sheerer versions.  

image;C.Hope for Style Wylde



When skirts weren't tutu length, they were long and sheer and still suggested dance class with flowing silhouettes and layers of socks.


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Now, for the men.

image:C.Hope for Style WyldeTokyoans have never been bound by Western ideas of masculine fashion, so it came as no surprise that skirts were often spotted. Whether it was long clean lines layered over basic black pants (seen both on the street and in the audience at runway shows) or multi-colored ruffles; the man-skirt was an undeniable presence in male fashion.


image:C.Hope for Style Wylde








Also spotted in the shows, on the street and just about everywhere else all over the city: modern dandies. The look, which was complete with caps, ( sometimes bow-ties) and rolled jeans, was very similar to what you'd spot on fashion-forward guys in San Francisco, New York, or London.




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