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Timo Weiland's dark side 

gothic meets sixties at Timo Weiland/Image:S.Whittle

After days on end of loud colors, 80's silhouettes, and more fur than PETA could throw paint on, Timo Weiland's Men's and Women's Fall 2010 presentation was a dark and delicious break from the expected.

Image:S.WhittleConjuring images of the swinging sixties (if the swinging sixties were styled by Diane Arbus) the Women's looks were exquisitely tailored with feminine touches as shown here in this leggings, skirt, blouse and cropped jacket ensemble.

Working in a color pallet that played with blacks, purples, olives, and navies in a myriad of fabrics and prints, designers Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein struck the perfect balance between high fashion and goth club without ever looking trite or retred.

Widely considered one of the most promising new design duos, Weiland and Eckstein's past collections have garnered praise throughout the industry. This newest collection which feels like the most creative to date, is sure to catapult the pair into fashion stardom, while catapulting the looks into boutiques nationwide.

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