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Making sense of style: Sock it to me 

The look that started it all, socks on the runway at Marc Jacobs/Image: Getty North America


When Marc Jacobs sent grey clad models down the runway last February, the editorial world let out a collective gasp. Not over the boxy blazers and down-right  demure skirt length the legendary trend-setter was showing for Fall 2010, no, the gasp was in response to what was going on a little lower down the leg. 

"OMG  those socks! with Pumps!" 

From "fabulous!" to "frightening" everyone seemed to have an opinion on the 'it' accessory for Fall. Would it catch on? Was it ridiculous? Would it cause women all over the eastern seaboard to suffer frost bite as socks replaced opaque tights as a must-do style beneath your skirt?

Luckily for those on the east coast, the sock trend hit immediately, and much like the grey nail polish Jacobs also featured in his collection,  women everywhere  incorporated the trend into their wardrobes; with decidedly mixed results.

taking socks to the next level with layers at Rodarte Fall 2910/ Image: Getty North America"I have thin ankles, but my calf is kinda heavy." A reader whom asked to remain anonymous told SW."So if I put a big bunchy sock over the thinnest part of my leg, I instantly have given myself cankles."

Gossip Girls were sporting socks in the second season/Image courtesy of CW TVAs the post-Marc Jacobs show weeks wore on, and Summer 2010 came and went the sock trend began morphing into the Knee-sock trend, and finally taking a cute from last season's "it" boot, the over-the-knee sock trend.

While each of these additional length looks might be kinder to the calf, they tend to leave the thighs out in the cold.  

In a recent reader poll SW asked: Over the knee socks, mid calf socks and ankle socks must do, or major don't? The responses were more than mixed.


"I consider myself fashionable." SW reader Gina said. "But not at the expense of feeling good about my shape. Those over the knee socks make everyone who isn't a super model look sausagey, I'm gonna stay with tights."

"I LOVE over-the-knee socks!" SW reader Michelle told us. "they are super sexy, very Lolita and I have the legs for it so why the not!?"


luxury on a new level, Kiki de Montparnasse socks/Image: Shop"Thigh-high and mid- calf socks are really impractical if you are going to actually walk around." SW reader Lauren told us. "I see women on MUNI all the time, trying to look chic while constantly pulling their socks up. I love ankle socks though, they are super fun and give an added fashion edge to booties." 

Regardless on where you stand as far as sock length, there are a two truths about the trend that can not be argued:

Socks are accessible. As far as trendy pieces go, socks can be bought on pretty much any budget from high-end Kiki-de-Montparnasse cashmere socks ($195 at Shop Bop,) to Target's Merona brand over the knee opaque socks ( $9 for a 6-pack) everyone can find a sock to fit their financial needs.


Socks for her, and him at Timo Weiland Spring 2011/Image: S. Whittle for Style WyldeSocks are  not going away next season. Judging by the Spring 2011 collections where some of the most cutting edge designers, including Richard Chai, Timo Weiland and A Detacher were featuring various lengths of leg wear, socking-it will stay in fashion through the Spring 2011 season and beyond.

socks held steady for Spring 2011 at Richard Chai/Image: S. Whittle for Style Wylde



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