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Fashion Feature: M.Patmos Fall 2012

image:S. Whittle for Style Wylde


Throughout the fashion industry there are countless companies that claim to be "eco" or "green" on the basis that organic cotton makes up the bulk of their fabrications. However, as anyone who has ever done a little digging knows, simply using organic cotton isn't the be-all-end all when it comes to environmental protection.  There are many factors involved in fashion production that need to be considered, such as carbon footprints. Was it made locally or sent on a gas-guzzling tanker from China? Also to be considered, sustainability. Is it a fast-fashion piece that you wear once, it wears out and instantly becomes landfill, or is it a multi-functional well made piece that stays in your wardrobe season after season, year after year?


These issues, and the many many companies that neglect to consider them when they designate themselves as 'green' are just a few of the reasons environmentally-aware fashion followers have started to take notice of M. Patmos. a company who that is truly bringing a new eco thoughtfulness to the fashion forward realm. 


Created  with the ideat that "several sustainable ideas can be incorporated into garments: Multifunctional season less year round layers to be beloved for years to come, Growing a portion of the products in the USA to support local economies, sourcing all other materials as close to factories as possible to minimize shipping, using animal friendly 'faux' fur, and utilizing handwork techniques by women artisan collectives in Nepal, and Bolivia" the M. Patmos collection is truly grounded in the eco-freindly realm. 

image:S. Whittle for Style Wylde


As for the actual fashion in the presentation, it was a home run that felt MADE for life  here in San Francisco.   Bold black and white patterns, and sharp color blocking, easy silhouettes that layer seamlessly, styled with eye-catching touches such as wood accessories and slouchy caps worked together to give the collection a modern, urban feel that was both edgy and ultimately timeless. 


For more on the M. Patmos collection, including where to buy pieces in your area, visit the label's official web home. And for a behind-the scenes look at the hot nail trend first spotted at the M. Patmos show, check out the back stage beauty feature here.

image:S.Whittle for Style Wylde