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Around the world in 8 fashion weeks: Toni Francesc Spring 2013

image courtesy of Toni Francesc


Over the years since Style Wylde was first invited to cover the collections in New York, there are a few designers who are admittedly, favorites. In the early days, these designers were names we had never heard before that dazzled us with their unique and hyper-creative points of view. As the seasons went on, these names remained favorites by consistently creating beautifully executed, highly imaginative collections that perfectly balance creativity, beauty, and a deep understanding of what women of the world want.

image courtesy of Toni FrancescToni Francesc is one of those designers, and despite the fact that he is on an extended break from showing in New York, his collection remains something we look forward to covering season after season.

image courtesy of Toni FrancescUnveiled during Barcelona Fashion 080, which wraps today, the Toni Francesc Spring 2013 collection 'Gypsum' epitomizes everything for which the designer is loved. Conceptual, without crossing over into 'costume', the collection was inspired by "crystals and stones... plaster in its mineral state...  balance, fluidity and femininity."

image courtesy of Toni Francesc

A palette of earthen slate-greys matched with sky blues, icy whites and sharp coral pinks give the pieces a  luxurious, yet still fresh summer appeal that translates easily even merely watching the collection via live stream. 

image courtesy of Toni Francesc

Classic "Francesc" details which include impeccable tailoring, peek-a-boo cutouts, and colorful ombre'd booties completed the looks and reminded us as to why we fell love with Toni Francesc in the first place. 

 image courtesy of Toni Francesc










For more information on Toni Francesc visit the label's official web home, and check out the Style Wylde Galleries more images from the Spring 2013 collection.