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Focus on Paris: Elie Saab at Haute Couture week

image: Courtesy of Elie SaabThe rich history of haute couture week in Paris spans decades and encompasses the biggest brands on the planet. With painstakingly hand-sewn gowns and one-of-a kind garments gracing the runway at every show the pageantry, luxury and exclusivity of fashion is never more prominent than in Paris. 

image: Courtesy of Elie SaabThis week, as expected, there were countless hyper avant-garde,  art gallery worthy collections seen. Among these envelope pushers were the always innovative and imaginative Iris Van Herpen  who's Hybrid Holism has many saying she is the creative heir to the Alexander McQueen wearable art thrown, and bad boy shock-jock of the runway Jean Paul Gaultier wowed the crowd with a Peter Doherty-inspired spread.

image: Courtesy of Elie SaabOn the more glamorous side of the shows, many familiar names made a big showing, including Beirut born Elie Saab who's exquisitely opulent collection highlighted everything haute couture stands for. 

image: Courtesy of Elie Saab


super model Karlie Kloss for Elie Saab/Image courtesy of Elie SaabTitled In Constantinople's Wake, Saab's collection was a soft sea of peacock blues, pale pinks, rich golds and a sprinkling of glittering blacks. Majestic, imperial, and utterly fitting for a fairytale royal court, the collection showcased the true artful craft of couture at the peak of skill; brocades appeared light and airy, while lace looked like it was drawn on the body with a renaissance painter's touch. 



For more information on Elie Saab, please visit the label's official web home. 

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Unbelievably beautiful collection. Timeless and amazing.

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