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Fashion feature: Motonari Ono Fall 2012

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde


Ultra feminine looks that incorporate layers of lace and ruffles are what designer Motonari Ono is known for, and what has helped him rise to the top of the 20 something Japanese female fashion-follower market. Resting on that popularity, and creating a Fall 2012 collection that continue on that arc, would be an expected move, for the designer that clearly knows his consumer.

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde

But nothing Ono showed during his runway show on Thursday afternoon at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo was expected.  Instead of resting on his laurels, Ono broke out of his lace and ruffled box and created a sleeker, more modern collection that was punctuated by moments of youthful exuberance.

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde

Brightly hued leather minis in mustards and candy-apple reds kicked off the collection, and were quickly followed up ny impeccably tailored coats in warm neutral tones. From there Ono evolved into a series of printed dresses and blouses matched with high-waisted leather shorts and wooly sleeves.


As the final looks took to the runway, the lace and ruffles made their appearance, but this time in minimal fashion appearing on trench coats, and deliciously restrained cocktail dresses.

image:C.Hope for Style Wylde 
image:C.Hope for Style Wylde




For more on Motonari Ono visit the label's official webhome.

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