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Fashion Feature: Alisha Trimble

Up and coming designer Alisha Trimble has been making waves in the independent fashion scene since debuting during the Fall 2008 season at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Now, three years into her career she sits poised on the brink of making it big time, as high profile glossies, and in-the- know blogs have started paying attention to this rising fashion artist.

a look from the Alisha Trimble Spring 2011 collectionEarlier this week Alisha sat down with SW to discuss her new collection Animal Saints, inspiration, and a variety of pop culture references from Leonard Cohen to Kanye West.

SW: Have you always been interested in fashion? When did you first know this was the career path you wanted to follow?

AT: As a teenager, I was reconstructing vintage clothes to wear to school because I wasn't satisfied with the things you could get at the mall.  When in college, I studied fine arts in Detroit like drawing, painting, sculpture & printmaking, then moved to San Francisco to explore performance art & video.  The extremely conceptual work of artists like Vanessa Beecroft (recent art director of Kany West's Runaway Video) was alluring to me.  It made me think that fashion could be a rich and abundant genre.

SW: If you could be ‘mentored’ by any designer living or dead whom would you chose? 

AT: Alexander McQueen

SW: Over the past few season’s you’ve seen your line grown in popularity with editorial coverage in Nylon Japan, Revolver, California Apparel News, LA Weekly, San Francisco Chronicle, Time Out New York, Swoon, Social Life, and SPIN. How has the transition from fledgling underground artist to next-big thing designer affected your point of view in your work?  Do you find yourself considering potential editorial, or even marketability when you design more than you would have as an ‘unknown’? 

AT: It's exciting to see the press interested, and I'm grateful to those who have given me the opportunity to reach a wider audience.  I still feel far from where I want to be in terms of establishing myself, but it's good to appreciate each small step.  In terms of marketing & editorial, I'm happy to collaborate with people who are interested in making the brand & business grow, it's a synergy that works well. 

Sneak peek! A look from the Alisha Trimble Fall 2011 collection/courtesy of Alisha TrimbleSW: You’ve said that your Fall 2011 collection is inspired by animal senses, the lives of Saints and Leonard Cohen’s The Beautiful Losers, how did this eclectic group of muses come to you?

AT: The saints are fascinating from a folklore standpoint; I love the ever-so-slight crossover of the native Americans with the Christians in early us history.  The native totems are like the first ever examples of commodity fetishism, which is the basis of our capitalist culture, especially in fashion & beauty advertising.  L. Cohen, being Jewish and writing a novel in which the narrator loves an Iroquois saint, sortof embraces a kindof postmodern ideology that makes it possible for these concepts to coexist.


SW:  If you could use only three words to describe the Fall 2011 line, what would they be?

AT: Les Saints Animaux


SW: Who is the ultimate Alisha Trimble girl, either individual (i.e. Courtney Love) or in spirit ( i.e. free-spirited bohemian)? Whom do you see wearing the new collection?

AT: Katy Perry + Patti Smith + Ewa Josefsson + Rihanna + Blanche DuBois + Elizabeth Taylor + Judy Garland + Jessica Rabbit + Beyoncee + Rachel Bilson, we love you.

The Alisha Trimble Fall 2011 collection. Animal Saints will be shown at  Wix Lounge on February 10th, 2011. For more information visit the designer's official web home.

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