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Molto Milano

Whether it was clash of the thematic inspirations at Prada, hippie lux at Cavalli, or minimalism at Bottega Venetta, Milan fashion week proved once and for all that while it may not have the prestige of Paris there is no shortage of creativity, inspiration or innovation in the Italian fashion capital.

Highlights of this past week's collections include:

Prada S-S 2011/Image: Davide Maestri for WWDHospital Scrubs. No, Stripes! No, Carmen Miranda! No, Baroque  Monkeys! The Prada Spring 2011 collection was  a game-changing runway show which left some online-audience members scratching their heads, while the critics gushed over it as  "A perfect example of why Prada continues to captivate", and as "A powerful idea perfectly executed"   While many of the looks seemed undeniably unwearable for all of us mortal fashion civilians,  there was no debate on the impact the wildly passionate design would have on a season that has been surprising subdued so far; it will be major.  To see the entire runway video, and perhaps assess the  Prada primates for yourself visit the label's official web home.



Bottega Venetta S-S 2011/Image Getty EuropeAs if openly trying to be the opposite of Prada, Black white and grey looks with clean lines, urban silhouettes and unbothered hair ruled the runway at Bottega Venetta Spring 2011, where every piece looked ready to walk off the runway and into closets worldwide. To view a full video of the collection go here



MaxMara S-S 2011/Image: Getty EuropeUtilitarian monochrome looks with a bond-girl twist gave Max Mara Spring 2011 a young and sporty vibe, that made us want Spring to get here sooner. A full video of the collection can be viewed here.


Gucci S-S 2011/Image: Davide Maestri for WWDSexy late seventies styles that could easily have been seen at Studio 54, met color blocking and equestrian touches at Gucci Spring 2011, for a cohesive collection that was not nearly as crazy as it sounds.  A full video to the Gucci collection can be seen here.


DSquared S-S 2011/Image: Getty EuropeWho says only boys get to dress like Chuck Bass? Preppy, men's wear inspired pieces at DSquared 2011 in a fresh color palette felt both modern and feminine.  The full runway show for DSquared can be seen at the label's official web home.




Roberto Cavalli S-S 2011/Image: Getty Europe


Tassels, sparkles and tons of skin gave Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 a lux-hippie look that was perfectly in-line with the label's iconic image as purveyors of all that is rock n' roll. To view a full video of the Roberto Cavalli collection visit the label's official web home.


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