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Ready set, jet! Products that keep you pretty at 30,000 feet

in flight miracle worker Dr. Hauschka Lip Care stick/image:C.Hope for Style WyldeThis week I'll be heading to Japan for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. In honor of this, my favorite of the international fashion weeks, and the LOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG plane ride it takes to  get there I am rounding up, and listing out my all time favorite beauty travel must haves that take you from the plane, to the train, and out on the town your first night in one flawless motion. 


First: Up in the Air

Whether your flight is transatlantic or transpacific, nothing is a beauty and energy killer like multiple hours spent sitting in a cramped seat. However with a few easy to find products it is possible to make the best out of a bad beauty sitch.

image courtesy of Super by Dr. Nicholas PerrriconeHere's my plan: First of all, the sad but true facts. No drinking. Like for real, none. As much as it seems like alcohol helps you relax, it really shoves tons of sugar into your blood stream and messes up sleep cycles. SO, if you want to attempt to get some zzzz's on the plane skip it altogether. Also, and I don't have any hard scientific facts to back this up, just personal experience, there is something about high altitude that always seems to make me tipsy faster, more likely to get a migraine, and bloat up like nobody's business, all of which can be caused by drinking. So, in the words of Nancy Reagan JUST SAY NO.  Now, the fun stuff. Lots of people will tell you not to wear any makeup on a long flight, as the dry air etc not only tends to make foundation and shadow clump, but it sucks all the life out of your skin. HOWEVER for those of us that have a hard time facing that fact, there are a few solutions.  I find a simple once over with BB Cream (my favorite for skin tone matching and overall smoothing is L'Oreal), a swipe of non-irritating mascara (I like Almay) and lip stain go along way to making me feel human in-flight. Once those basic products are in place, it's time to focus on hydration. That means, water to drink, lip balm (like Dr. Haushka's lip care stick which is the best BEST product on the market- more on that here) and a great spritzer for your skin. Some may argue that those mini Evian atomizers work just as well as a beauty brand offering. But I don't agree, I need a little something in my mist to know that I am getting the best spritz possible. My favorite by far: Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Detox Elixir. Made with watercress and other essential nutrients, this spritz does all the magic you need in flight. It smoothes and soothes, and replenishes skin and even helps keep that BB cream looking fresh and never cakey. I simply would never fly without it. To buy it in the SF BAY area visit the Super By boutique on Fourth Street in Berkeley.

travel life saver: Colgate Wisp, brush your teeth, no water needed!


Next : On the ground

So your plane has landed and you're feeling not that awesome? Well then a little clean up goes a long way. I always carry a spare tee in my carry-on so I can change in the airport before I get my bags, and I always do a little quick wash up before heading to customs.  My clean-up regime includes: (1) brushing teeth with Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrushes, which work without water so they are great for on the plane or after landing (available at drugstores nationwide) (2) taking a 'travel shower'( that's a wipe down when full showering is not available)  with Kleenex Splash and Go Wipes, and giving my hair a good brush with my Cricket Static Free Comfort Collection* "Fast Flo Mini" brush. I love my Cricket ( as I call it)   because it's small and fits nicely in my carry-on, it doubles as a blow-out speed-up tool  as it increases air circulation and dries hair lightening fast, and smoothes and tames fly aways on dry hair with ionicly charged bristles. I would never travel without it! (Available at Sally Beauty stores in the SF Bay Area, or online at, Amazon and 


image via Physicians FormulaOnce you're  bathed and brushed it's time to repair. If you're like me, then the long flight ( and crazy time change- it's a 16 hour difference to Tokyo!) means your eyes are red, itchy and super irritated. So first repair is to get those peeps soothed. I like to use homeopathic eye drops like these from Boiron Optique, but I'm told good old fashion Visine works wonders too.  Next I blot any oil that hasn't been banished by my detox elixir, and give my skin a very light once over with Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder ( pictured right), which is a SERIOUS Drugstore Deal, and works wonders at correcting redness, dark circles or what ever plagues you. More on that product here. Finally, lips get a few more swipes of the Dr. Haushka Lip Care ( have i mentioned how MIRACULOUS that stuff is?) and I am ready to face the world. (Or at least baggage claim, customs and whatever train/taxi ride is ahead!)


All next week Style Wylde will be reporting from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the behind the scenes fun.


* The Cricket Fast Flo Comfort Brush was sent to Style Wylde for reviewing purposes.